Baked Beans Note: This high-calorie recipe is particularly for children with cystic fibrosis.

Dried out mustard powder ¼ tsp. Worcestershire sauce 6 slices prepared bacon, cut in 1-inch pieces 16 oz. Canned beans and pork Utensils: oven 1½-quart baking dish measuring spoons and cups mixing spoon Directions: Combine all substances in the baking dish. Usually do not drain beans. Bake uncovered in 325°F for 2 hours. Serves: 5 Meal: ¾ cup Nutritional analysis : 378 calories 22 g fat 10 g protein 896 mg sodium 69 mg calcium Note: Nutritional analysis can vary greatly based on ingredient brands used..It is of the upmost importance to us that children requiring X-rays are exposed to radiation doses as low as reasonably achievable, while providing images of exceptional quality also, commented Sanya Tyler, Radiology Services Manager, Kids's National Wellness System. Agfa HealthCare's DX-D 600 with MUSICA image processing enables us to provide these extremely important advantages to our patients. As a result of Agfa Health care's best-in-class DR technology, Children's National is supremely confident that people now produce pictures of excellent quality even though being able to manage radiation dosage. The DX-D 600 systems possess allowed us to achieve this.