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Tromczynski, CEO, COMS Interactive. This progressive State Association continues to demonstrate thought leadership by focusing on improving medical outcomes for those in their care, and we look forward to dealing with the CARE group and members. Market info indicates that the average Skilled Nursing Facility, Home Care or Assisted Living resident has a complicated disease profile, with one main disease or more to eight secondary diseases or afflictions. More than 70 percent of re-hospitalizations are because of the worsening of secondary or brand-new diseases.Entine’s fellowships at many colleges ought to be withdrawn/cancelled/terminated predicated on his psychotic personality as uncovered by court papers of his nasty seven-season divorce and spouse/kid abuse background. This guy must have a rap sheet for all that he’s place people through. Maybe he’ll end up in jail 1 day for his works of atrocity, but for right now, his jail may be the repercussions he faces for purposely attempting to brainwash innocent people into consuming poisonous food which has glyphosate and 2,4-D . Check out all of the bloggers exposing the reality concerning this biotech shill and entrance guy for Monsanto/Gates/Forbes.com/AEI.